2 = neat [neater -comp., neatest -sup.], nifty [niftier -comp., nifitiest -sup.], funky [funkier -comp., funkiest -sup.], swish.
Ex. What is possibly less easy is to making sure that the guiding stays clean, neat and accurate.
Ex. Another reason why this is nifty is because this site has plenty of resources available for your use, so you're not having to re-invent the wheel should you decide to adopt this assignment for your course.
Ex. The scarf can be knit with pockets at the end to keep their hands toasty or trimmed with bobbles for a funky look.
Ex. The entrance to the hotel is very swish and the rooms although small very well maintained and clean.
* lo chulo = coolness.
* ser chulo = be cool.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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